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Scholars Management

Consulting Services

The future is shaped today. That sums up our approach to leadership development for our younger generation. HumanCap has been active in assisting our clients develop the leadership capabilities of their scholars. These scholars are the nation’s future. It is imperative that the investment to make them good leaders in the future be made now. This will give them a head start and have a long-term impact on nation building.


This leadership journey incorporates various elements of personal and leadership development. HumanCap achieves this by designing a learning programme that is multi-faceted and incorporates formal instructional learning, community based learning, self directed learning and professional experience.


Our programme is designed to provide a holistic development that will enhance the employability of these scholars, provide a solid moral foundation and develop the leadership capabilities. The learning experience is designed to be highly experiential to ensure high learning transfer of the knowledge and skills imparted.


HumanCap offers a unique and customised web-based tool to manage the entire lifecycle of the scholars and provide key information for analysis and reporting. The system can be customised to meet the needs of your organisation. 

Consultant's Role

HumanCap’s expertise in Scholars Development & Management enhances your scholars’ employability and competitiveness as they enter the job market in order to excel in their career and become future nation leaders. HumanCap’s program structure is designed with an open architecture to benefit students regardless of age or skill level, and is customized to your organization’s competency goals, talent management framework, and culture.

Our end-to-end experience has embedded the experience of placing scholars in specific programs in local and international universities, equip them with leadership skills and then select and place eligible graduates for employment. HumanCap’s industry relationships and the quality of scholars that are produced provide employers with hiring confidence.

HumanCap Scholars Development & Management design is highly customized to your objectives, and is tailored to your needs.


  • Ensure clear link with your organization’s vision, mission, middle and long term talent management

  • Provide pragmatic and solution-based oriented development interventions that is tailored to fit intended objectives

  • Ensure scholars development needs and intervention plans are proactively identified and addressed

  • Ensure all key stakeholders are well informed on the status and progress of scholars 

  • Ensure scholars are engaged and on-track in achieving the desired state of employability 

  • Managed by well experienced talent management experts

What We Offer

  • Development of assessment framework and tools for scholarship recipient selection processes 

  • A review of your existing framework of development programs, incorporating vision, mission, core values, strategic intents, and relevant competencies 

  • An analysis on scholars’ progress

  • A proposal on modular curriculum for training and development interventions which includes psychometric profiling

  • Identification of potential internal and external training partners

  • An analysis of learning needs / competency gaps assessment through various techniques including MBTI, Hogan Career Development, and Emotional Intelligence Assessment

  • Implementation of the structured programs based on agreed Development Program Calendar, becoming the training arm for your scholarship body

  • Review and evaluate effectiveness of the program

  • Managing a Scholars’ Management System by administering the scholars’ database, communications and individual report for scholars

  • Manage the stakeholders (parents and caretakers of the scholars, ministry and government agencies, and Faculty of Student Affair Divisions)

  • Change management

In-house Learning Management System

Meanwhile, HumanCap uses a web based tool, Scholars Management System to manage the entire lifecycle of the scholars and provide key information for analysis and reporting. The system is extensively tailored to meet the needs of your organisation. Functions include storing scholars’ personal, academic, and Individual Development Programme (IDP) data in one place. It also acts as a platform for scholars and mentors to obtain information related to the programme, and to interact with each other.

Scholars Development Programme Approach

HumanCap uses a Leadership Experiential Action Programme which is based on the following key approaches

Formal Instructional Learning

Addresses specific individual skills such as business communication, critical thinking, time management, and leadership challenges

Community Based Learning

Puts scholarship students in cross functional teams to review specific organizational issues and present to Management Committee. They will also have the opportunity to participate in round table discussion with Subject Matters Expert.

Professional Learning

Exposes scholars to different work environment through job rotation and gives opportunity to shadow cross functional senior managers in Observation Learning Cycle.

Self Directed Learning

Enhances practical knowledge on focused topics through knowledge sharing sessions and external networking

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