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Are you unsure whether your leadership development programmes are developing

the competencies needed for the future among your managers?

Do you find that the content delivered by your training providers for the leadership development

programmes for your middle level managers and strategic level managers indistinguishable?

Do you find that the competencies level of your managers remains the same

after attending leadership development programmes?

Most managers develop their leadership competencies during their time at the operational level. Many find themselves ill-suited to serve the strategic role as they advance to higher levels positions. Organizations respond to this predicament by developing talent management programmes to develop future leaders who can serve in a strategic role.

Yet, many leadership programmes focus more on the developing the competencies needed to lead at the lower and middle level. These programmes fall short in equipping managers for their future roles. As such, organizations continue to encounter difficulties finding suitable people for strategic leadership roles.

Designed to transform managers to become strategic leaders

These three training programmes are designed to develop people-related and cognitive-related competencies needed to become a strategic leader. Leaders with these competencies will find it easier to transition into strategic leadership upon promotion to higher levels

High Impact


Strategy Competencies Development

Strategic Leadership Competencies Development

Our offerings are designed as a solution that goes beyond classroom teaching. Besides providing knowledge, these programmes are designed to provide a sustained experiential learning experience that will help develop a new mindset and a set of competencies. We do this by incorporating the following elements in the design of our programmes:

Blended learning

Deliberate practice

Experience density

Reflective learning

Our programmes are also scalable to suit your requirements. We’ll be happy to understand your needs and customize the programme according to your expectations. Contact us to find out more about how we can help you with your talent development programme.

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